What does it mean to have the QAP Quality Stamp?

What does it mean to have the QAP Quality Stamp?

Having the QAP Quality Stamp means being a certified company within the Wtransnet that has surpassed certain seriousness and solvency screenings and that, additionally, have agreed to comply with community norms. Only those companies which have belonged to Wtransnet for over one year can receive this quality stamp.

Why is obtaining the stamp important?

In very competitive markets such as the transport sector, the differentiation of a company is essential. Having a quality stamp from Wtransnet, the leading freight exchange service in Europe, provides recognition that many companies take into consideration when obtaining new collaborators, as this guarantees that the company is safe and trustworthy.

The Wtransnet QAP Stamp is a quality badge recognised in 23 countries in Europe and Latin America. Transport companies that form part of Wtransnet and that therefore have the QAP Quality Stamp can establish commercial relations in a trustworthy environment.